Medium Range (100-250 kg/h)

Haat's medium range of incinerators is suitable for disposal of waste from medical establishments and poultry and other animal wastes from medium to large farms and fisheries.

Haat's medium range of incinerators has the flexibility to be used for wastes with different heating or calorific values such as medical waste with high moisture content, pharma waste which includes expired medicines or animal wastes with high fat release. The solid sealed hearth prevents any liquid leakage and the refractory used absorbs and radiates heat, minimising fuel consumption.

Development of this range over many years of practical experience has resulted in an incinerator that burns waste leaving only fine, sterile ash.

Haat has supplied these units all over the globe and they have proven their performance in different operating conditions and for a plethora of waste types.

When you choose an incinerator from this range, you get a system that will provide you with a lifetime of excellent service.

Models available:

ADR – Available From 100 TO 250 kg/h

Product details

Standard as well as customised designs
Different general arrangements can be made depending on a client's space restrictions
Complete refractory curing at shop
Very simple to install and operate
Gas residence times are usually 1 sec. 2 sec residence time models are also available.
Excellent emissions
Temperature controlled burners (CE marked)
Automatic burner sequence control
Low ash percentage
Burning rates can vary depending on calorific value of waste
The medium range can also be made in larger capacities (upto 1000 kg/h), depending on the waste and size of largest animal or material to be loaded at one time.
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