Choosing An Incinerator Manufacturer

It is important to choose a company that provides high quality products, has many years of experience in different applications and conditions and most importantly – does not over charge you. As a reputed manufacturer in this field for more than 2 decades, we believe in offering the right solution for an application – which also means we try to keep the configuration of the system as simple as possible. We manufacture the entire incinerator from scratch from virgin raw material. Every unit is fully cured and tested at our shop, though there could be some exceptions for large units.

Experience and customer feedback have been our biggest teachers. We have considered client feedback over the years and have continually put in many improvements which may not be visible to the naked eye, but play a big role in the durability and performance of the system. Practical experience of many thousands of hours of operation has taught us to look at incinerators from the point of view of an operator.

Some points that help us add value to our products include:

Determining thermal performance of refractory for higher energy efficiency.
Design for minimum 10 year life.
CE certified burners and / or energy efficient motors.
CE certified panel components (where applicable).
Critical safety and operating instruction plates.
Free training at our works.

Buyers need to be wary of tall claims by companies that claim, for example, compliance to European norms of emission with standard 2 chamber incinerators or burning drums or barrels with just the addition of a 'water spray box' or ceramic blocks which they call 'scrubbers'. Emission test reports showing low values are not necessarily proof of compliance. A company that claims its incinerators are 'Euro compliant' usually will refer to an animal by-products regulation and not the more stringent 'Waste Incineration Directive'.

Normally, however, incinerators with a burning capacity of less than 50 kg/h are usually exempt from having to comply with these regulations.


With over 20 years of experience in incineration of almost every kind of waste, Haat believes in offering a solution that is sustainable and compatible with local conditions. There is no point in offering complex systems to say, a remote healthcare establishment or farm where infection control is the primary concern. Rather than open burning or incineration in crude civil units, Haat provides simple equipment that can be operated by personnel with low skill levels. This solution could range from a single chamber clean burning unit to double chamber incinerators.

If regulations require stringent emissions to be complied with, Haat can offer air pollution control equipment ranging from scrubber towers to venturi types or even systems complying with Euro or US-EPA regulations.

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