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Haat Incinerators have a tie-up with Clean Technology Universe, a Swiss company from Winterthur also in the field of thermal waste treatment technologies. Haat brings the precision of Swiss engineering to their product through many factors, most of which are unseen as they are related to fluid dynamics, refractory, system pressure, mass balance calculations, special design software and combustion air distribution. This makes an immense difference to the life and performance of our incinerators.

The refractory used in an incinerator is basically the heart of the entire system and dictates how well the machine will burn waste as well as in economising fuel usage. Toxic and corrosive substances can lead to quick refractory failure if these are not factored into refractory design and application. Haat mostly uses castable refractories which have been proven to give a life of more than 10 years, as long as the system is operated and maintained properly. In some cases, refractory bricks are also used. Not only is the quality of the refractory raw material critical, but so also is the refractory casting process into the incinerator. Haat has stringent checks to ensure proper anchor key pitch maintenance, usage of cera blanket and insulcast layers before the final refractory layer. Utmost importance is given to the mixing process as well as the air curing and heat curing methods.

If the refractory protects the system on the inside, it is the metal surface preparation and painting that protects the incinerator from the elements. Haat uses grit blasting to get excellent surface profiles that is a much better process than conventional sand blasting. The rough surface readily holds on to the paint that is coated on it and it can last up to 3-4 times longer than paint on surfaces which have not undergone similar preparation.

Units undergo a complete performance test at the shop to ensure the incinerator is functioning as desired. Panels can range from simple hard wired types to PLC controlled ones with colour touch screen interfaces.

Haat brings in 20+ years of experience in the incineration field with machines that have undergone several hazard identification and risk assessment studies to eliminate or reduce potential hazards and for safe operation.

The special features of Haat's incinerators are summarised below:

Design in collaboration with Swiss technology
System pressure, mass balance calculations and flue gas flow design by Swiss software.
Special surface preparation and painting process.
Air flow distribution for maximum combustion efficiency.
All piping hydrotested.
Proven and reliable refractory – 10 year life if operated and maintained properly.
Usage of SS anchors for refractory.
Refractory cast and cured at shop.
Full performance test at shop before despatch.
Options to run the system by PLC for automatic operation and control.
Options to have fault diagnosis and alarm indication on a touch screen panel.
Many years of hazop studies for better safety performance.
Temperature controlled burner operation to prevent excess temperature rise.
CE marked burners with fully automatic sequence control.
Burner lock out if no fuel flow.
Photocell in burner to ensure spark establishment prior to allowing fuel flow.
Caution and instruction plates to advise operator on critical safety and operating parameters.
3 layer refractory for low skin temperature.
Flue ejector design for negative pressure.

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